Just call me Pam.  Simple and short. Yeah, I know my business name is Pamela Sue, but Pam Sue Photography didn't quite sound as nice.  


Who is counting?  


Full-time second grade teacher/Part-time photographer

Marital Status:

Enjoying the single chapter once again in my life.  


Two lovely daughters - most of the time.  Anyone dealing with teens can relate.

Mac or PC:


Surprising Fact:

I don't like coffee

Last Meal:

A peanut butter sandwich with milk

Favorite Dessert:



Weddings! Newborns! Children! Seniors! And Party Coverage! I shoot them all.  I LOVE taking photos!  For the first five years of my business, I focused on wedding photography.  I have since found a passion for other genres.  


"Will you take the photos for our wedding?" asked a friend.  "Ummmm, no way!" I responded out of fear.  The thought of messing-up one of the most important days in her life was something I didn't want to do.  

While I wasn't the principle photographer at my friend's wedding, I was able to shadow the photographer.  It was love at first click. I knew I wanted to do more.  There was something magical about the day - so much love.  I wanted to capture it all.  

I immersed myself into my photography.  I wanted to learn it all. Fortunately, the wonderful and talented Heather Lahtinen mentored me and gave me insights into the business.  I then started my website and was surprised how quickly everything took off.  My focus in the beginning was wedding photography.  After five years, I decided to branch out.  My philosophy is to provide a quality service at an affordable price.  When I take a photo that has meaning to someone, it makes my heart melt.


Pamela Sue Photography is located just north of Pittsburgh in New Brighton, Pennsylvania.  For those clients living further than thirty minutes away, a small travel fee may be added.  

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